Jul 15, 2017

Aku Pingin Mati

Cuman satu rasa yang tidak punah

Aku pingin mati
Mati dikubur tanah
Mati ditumpuk papan
Mati pakai kain kafan

Aku pingin mati
Angin terasa sesak didada
Tanah terasa seperti pulau kapuk
Makanan rasa belatung

Aku pingin mati
Hidup tak guna
Tidak pernah benar
Selalu menjadi benalu

Aku pingin mati
Sekali saja
Memang cuman bisa sekali
Biar tenang
Tanpa hambatan

Aug 31, 2016


Kenapa kau marah?
Apa karena kau kurang ramah?
Kenapa masih marah? 
Apa karna melihat darah masih merah?
Marahmu bukin mukamu merah
kayak darah.

Novalia Ena Agustin

Jun 15, 2015

Maybe i want to be a writer..

I want to write somethin, i said it to myself again and again but i didnt have the courage to start it. Why?
I don't know maybe it is just me who is tired of my routinities which is seem a bit boring but it haven't even started yet. 'My routinities' i mean the real one when i go to work someday in a company which i am not gonna tell you and probably won't. Just because i haven't figured myself out.
How blankly i am if i have to think about my future... Well i am not as good as my friend who have somethin they could proud of. Me? I haven't figured it out. It is too lte or may be not. I dont know either.
Back to the main topic about writing, i used to have this idea about somethin that i should write instead of babbling making other people angry or possibly ever thought that i am a jerk. But i didn't do it at all. So could you help me trying to understand where am i suppose to start?