Jul 13, 2010

trouble and trouble again :(

the trouble.....
it's come again :(
why should you come to my life again....

actually i really don't like have a problem or being life with a problem...
that make me tired....
should i say apologize to her or not??
but she is a BIG LIAR ..
the thing that i really don't like it :(
i think everybody don't like it too ....

but yesterday you're my best friend but now you just my friend :(

you should know what's wrong with you always make a lie .... can't you life without a lie for a little bit ??
that makes me sick :'( .. i like to being friend with you for about a years but i suddenly know your character recently that you're a BIG LIAR...

how could you do that to us?? we're you're friend dude but how could??
i can't believe that :(
so we nickname you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ....

that's what you deserve get :)
good bye my best friend maybe i'm gonna miss u

Jul 9, 2010

Latfs or bestfriend forever ??

Love At The First Sight...
so do you believe it guys or you ever had that thing??
i think of course everyone ever have love at the first sight, right??

yaa... me too :*
for the first time when i was in 8 grade i fell that at the first sight :)
it's kind of funny i met him in the school bathroom with my besties friends ever
actually from the first i looked him i don't felt anything but as long as i watching him i thought to myself mmm... maybe i loved him then i asked to my bf what him name?? then my friends answer me his name is (private guys sorry :( )

then i and that boy :) introduce ourselves
as long as i knew him ... his the boy who not more like sms or something like that (maybe)..
it must me to send message to him always ..
but i thought our love at the first sight wasn't must be our boyfriend or our girlfriend, right?? maybe we could be a good friend or we also could be a good best friend ....

if you know guys ..
if we become a friend we will never break up or something like that but if we become them boyfriend or girlfriend sometimes we are going to break up (maybe)

so the summary is we don't need to be them boyf or girlf if wanna get closer with them..we better become them best friend that them never forget ,right??
because best friend was never die forever :)

see you later guys (:*

Jul 5, 2010

new school

posting posting ;)
alhamdulillah akhirnya impianku tercapai
bisa masuk sma negeri 20 yey,.. semua terbayar sudah dengan perjuangan ku selama ini ...semuanya tidak sia-sia walaupun sebenarnya ak sangat ingin sekali masuk sma negeri 16 :(..
tapi tak apalah yangg penting masuk sma negeri mudah-mudahan aku tidak mengecewakan ortuku

pas pertama kali masuk di sekolahannya ... wahh....
ternyata orangnya baik-baik insyaallah bisa betah nih disana amin yarobalalamin.
gurunya juga baik-baik mudah-mudahan murudnya juga begitu
i hope so...
so guys wish me luck ya
supaya bisa sukses disana..