Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy new year guys (˘▽˘~)(~˘▽˘)~
Well all i can say is this is the most boring new year hope the next new year could be more fun than this piece of sht. I only stay at home no special party, not going out all i did was laid on my bed and played with my phone huft what a boring day.

Anyway the weirdest thing is this day 31 december i had only one meal. Wow can you believe that? And i am not feel hungry at all *krucuk krucuk* mmm a little bit hungry maybe but thats okay i can hold it. Unfortunately in this holiday that was all i did. I dont know this day i don't feel like going out and also dont wanna spend my money. I felt kinda stingy this day but that for my own's sake. I keep my money so i can use it for buy new books (read:novels).  This novel keep calling me to buy them but i don't have enough money yet! What am i gonna do is  save up some money to buy them someday.

You know there will be national final examination for senior high school in indonesia. That will be held in the middle of april. OMG i am not ready yet i hope this year i could learn all subject faster and memorize them quickly. Hopefully i will get a good score and i can be accept in a university with less difficulties matters.

Even this is not a great new year's eve but i will make this year become a great year of my life. Am i too much? Oh that's fine. What i need to do is do everything in a right way and don't messed up thing that already been written by Allah.