Jun 27, 2013

Balada susah tidur

Aku tak bisa tidur...
Aku ingin menanyakan apa penyebabnya
Aku pun tak tahu.
Entah sejak kapan hal ini terjadi
Aku ingin bertanya apakah bulan terlihat indah disaat seperti ini?
Entahlah atau mungkin bulan yang menggantikanku tidur?!
Sejak kapan bulan tidur?
Sejak kita diperbudak oleh orang asing mungkin
Bukankah itu sudah lama? Atau baru terjadi?
Entahlah aku bingung menjawabnya
Mau dijawab atau tidak toh tak ada yang peduli
Jungkir balik pun mereka hanya melirik sinis
Masa bodoh apa kata orang!
Mulut mereka hanya gula kembang gula
Seperti kapas lalu hilang begitu saja
Menyisakan rasa serik
Gulanya ternyata palsu! Omongannya lebih palsu lagi!
Meludah dibuat-buat apalagi waktu keluar kata-kata jijik tak bermoral
Bermoral atau tidak tergantung gulanya
Dari sejak tebu sudah diberi petuah baik hasilnya pun akan demikian
Asli!! Tidak pakai serik di tenggorokan!
Ya begitulah namanya juga turunan
Bangkotan bagus hasil pun bagus
Tak ada serik lagi. Mati kau serik!

Jun 14, 2013

Review: (Suicide Room)

I wanna tell you about a polish movie called suicide room you can watch it on youtube.
So this movie probably does really have a deep meaning, dont do something without thinking about it first. Just like the title you would have known what the story's theme but i'm gonna tell you then.
Dominik, a handsome, cool, rich but never really got love from his parents because their so busy to take care of him. That's make him a mysterious person, not that creepy mysterious thing. At prom night there was a dance thing and his parents almost late :| but their made it. After prom Dominik gather with his friends and had this sort of kissing game. Karolina would kissing with her girl friend if dominik and alex also kissing, and they have a deal. Their other friend i dont know what his name was recording it. When it comes to dominik's turn they were kissing so passionate. They really were. The next day alex fooled around with Dominik like flirting thing or something and maybe dominik also thought that alex likes him. When material arts time alex and dominik fight and there he comes. Dominik comes when alex turned him down to the ground. You know actual come. He rushed to go home but his driver was not there so he took the bus at home and unfortunately had a fight with some random guys. Poor you dominik.
After that accident alex wrote down on facebook, he told everyone and everyone knew that dominik is gay.
He was frustated with wounded in his left eyes he got a message from suicide room to joined them. This is where the main story begin. He met with other member of suicide room on internet game or somethin i dont know. And he met sylvia on webcam also a member of the suicide room. She is the queen. They chat everyday every hour,minute non stop. Dominik never comes out from his room for about ten days because sylvia told him that he dont need anybody, he dont need school and sort of that. Sylvia didnt come out from her room for a couple years.
The story goes to when all group prepare to kill themselves by taking a pills but at that time Dominik wasnt ready yet, he disapprove it.  What will happen to Dominik, Sylvia, Dominik's parents and the suicide room? Will he taking the pills? If you curious just watch it :)