Aug 8, 2014

Shaped Heart

poet is one
one in a zillion words
outstanding outcome
common perception 
different explanation
enlighten me
to see what it is
yours are not truly yours
neither is mine
mine is not mine 
heart shaped heart 
beating like a murderer
one it beats faster 
it will get hurt
two beating together
happily ever ending
poet is one 
you and me could be one
aren't we?
two words mean
zillion words mean 
no words at all mean something
it all happen for reason 
old old thing 
can you believe?
but poet is one 
one poet means everything


Thought you are my friend 
just my thought i guess
or even my illusion
stabbed, mine 
like i was just constructure of bones, meats and muscles
thats what friend for
you stabbed me
i zoned out
i passed out 
you walked out happiness
knock, knock? 
no one answer 
it gone black
and deathly 
thankfully we were friend, once.

Aug 7, 2014


i miss 
i miss
i miss
i misunderstood all of it
breathe away the missing things
spit on my own illusion 

i care
i care
i care
i carefully thinking it was true
but it wasnt
just a dust waiting its turn to fly again

i love
i love
i love
i loved you
but it was all pretending
desperately thought of a book i loved
when you loved me back

i dare
i dare
i dare
i was daring you there 
you slapped me 
nor with hands or heart

you slapped me with agony