Jun 15, 2015

Maybe i want to be a writer..

I want to write somethin, i said it to myself again and again but i didnt have the courage to start it. Why?
I don't know maybe it is just me who is tired of my routinities which is seem a bit boring but it haven't even started yet. 'My routinities' i mean the real one when i go to work someday in a company which i am not gonna tell you and probably won't. Just because i haven't figured myself out.
How blankly i am if i have to think about my future... Well i am not as good as my friend who have somethin they could proud of. Me? I haven't figured it out. It is too lte or may be not. I dont know either.
Back to the main topic about writing, i used to have this idea about somethin that i should write instead of babbling making other people angry or possibly ever thought that i am a jerk. But i didn't do it at all. So could you help me trying to understand where am i suppose to start?